Key Information

Laser experts

Dr. Saqib Bashir

Dr. Ai-Lean Chew


Lasers in use

Pulsed Dye

Intense Puled Light



Carbon Dioxide (Fractionated)

Nd:YAG (lipolysis/cellulite)


Patient feedback

High levels of satisfaction


Skin surgery

We have particular expertise in skin surgery, combining plastic techniques with detailed understanding of the skin to give high quality outcomes.  We dedicate ourselves to minimizing and hiding scars and maximizing the aesthetic appearance of any surgery we undertake.

At your consultation we will explore your treatment options, and if necessary discuss alternatives to surgery such as laser and other treatments.  

We use surgery to treat a variety of skin conditions - explore the links on the right for more detail. 

  • Skin cancer surgery
  • Mohs micrographic surgery
  • Skin surgery for benign lumps and bumps


Our ethos is to deliver the highest standards of clinical care to all our patients.  We take great care to minimize our infection rate and to reduce the risk of any surgical complications.   

Pre-operative consultation

Before your surgery you shall have ample opportunity to discuss your operation and its benefits and rtisks with your dermatologist.

The operation

During your surgery, your care and well being will be our main focus.  All operations are performed in theatres equipped to the highest standards. 

Post-operative care 

After your surgery, we will continue to provide the highest levels of care.  Patients with complex wounds are monitored closely, with nurse led wound checks and follow up with your dermatologist.