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Laser experts

Dr. Saqib Bashir

Dr. Ai-Lean Chew


Lasers in use

Pulsed Dye

Intense Puled Light



Carbon Dioxide (Fractionated)

Nd:YAG (lipolysis/cellulite)


Patient feedback

High levels of satisfaction


Laser and Aesthetic Dermatology

We have particular expertise in the use of the latest aesthetic techniques to improve appearance, whether by simple interventions such as creams or high tech treatments with lasers. 


With a detailed understanding of skin, skin ageing, skin disease and skin surgery, we offer a comprehensive range of techniques to address the issues that are important to you. 

You will be given practical, suggests and a realistic expectation of outcome.  We do not aim to sell you treatments, but to provide the best expert advice. 

Laser Dermatology

We have a comprehensive suite of lasers in the practice, meeting the needs of medical and aesthetic skin treatment, except for tattoo removal.  We are able to treat redness, wrinkles, thread veins, birthmarks, darkening of the skin (dyschromia). See the laser links on the right of the screen to direct you further. 

Aesthetics and Rejuvenation

One of the most common requests is to address skin ageing.  There are many approaches available to do this and your consultation will assess your skin in detail and indicate which steps you can take to make you skin look younger.  The steps required can be quite simple, such as using certain creams, or be more involved, using chemical peels, lasers and surgery where required. See the aesthetic links on the right hand side of the screen to explore further. 

What make us different?

Here, you can expect the highest standards of care.  As qualified, consultant dermatologists, you can be assured that your assessment and treatment advice will meet the highest standards.  As physicians, we provide you impartial, balanced advice and realistic ideas of what can be achieved.  Unlike high street practices, we are not "selling" but rather "consulting."

As a patient, you need to be reassured that you are putting your treatment into good hands.  Examples of how we differ from other practioners include:

  • Regulation by the General Medical Council, UK
  • Regulation by the Care Quality Commission (via the hospitals we work at)
  • Insurance - 10 million pounds per episode
  • Equipment - top quality American lasers, regularly serviced