Key Information

Laser experts

Dr. Saqib Bashir

Dr. Ai-Lean Chew


Lasers in use

Pulsed Dye

Intense Puled Light



Carbon Dioxide (Fractionated)

Nd:YAG (lipolysis/cellulite)


Patient feedback

High levels of satisfaction


Mohs surgery around the eye

Dr Bashir is very experienced in conducting Mohs micrographic surgery on the eyelid and in the regions of skin around the eye.  He is a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon and conducts eyelid and peri-ocular Mohs on a weekly basis.   Presently, he sees private patients at the London Clinic for Mohs surgery, with consultations also available at the BMI Sloane in Beckenham and King's College Hospital, London. 

What is involved? 

The most important thing, as a patient, is for you to be relaxed and confident about your procedure. Dr Bashir, and his team, conduct Mohs surgery around the eyelid as a routine matter and will be able to put you at ease. 

Local Anaesthetic

The eye area is numbed with local anaesthetic, typically and drops and an absolute minimum number of injections. Every effort is made to make you comfortable and relaxed. 

Removal of the growth

The skin growth is removed by surgically and immediately sent for testing.  Whilst awaiting results, you can relax in a comfortable room with television, newspapers, snacks, or simply meditate.  If more removal is required then you will be brought back into the treatment room until the growth has been completely removed. 

Repair of the eyelid

Many eyelids can be allowed to heal on their own, with excellent cosmetic results.  Some do require stitching of local skin, a skin flap or a skin graft, which can all be performed to give you the best possible cosmetic and functional result.  Occasionally, patients require specialist occuloplastic surgery which can easily be arranged via Dr Bashir's colleagues. 


We are very pleased to be able to offer high level aftercare, dressings and wound advice with highly experienced nurses, or, if required, Dr Bashir himself.