Key Information

Laser experts

Dr. Saqib Bashir

Dr. Ai-Lean Chew


Lasers in use

Pulsed Dye

Intense Puled Light



Carbon Dioxide (Fractionated)

Nd:YAG (lipolysis/cellulite)


Patient feedback

High levels of satisfaction



We accept most major insurance companies, cash, cheque and card payments. You may pay online, by post or telephone to suit your circumstances. If you would like to enquire about an invoice, please use the form below or telephone the team. 


Online Payment

On-line payments can be made via electronic transfer from your bank, or by Paypal, using the link below.  Please enter the invoice number to ensure your account is credited. 

Invoice number


You may transfer funds electronically using your bank's website.  The banking details are available on your invoice or by email.  Please enter your surname and invoice number as the payment reference.  

If you wish to receive a receipt, please fill in the enquiry form below indicating that you have made an electronic payment. 


Please post cheques to our registered office - 235 Old Marylebone Road, London NW1 5QT. Cheques should be made payable to Skinetix Ltd and marked with the patient's name and invoice number (if possible) on the back. 

Card Payments

Card payments can be accepted at the time of your visit to practice, online or by calling Samantha. Please call the enquiry line or complete the billing form below and we shall make arrangements. Major debit and credit cards are accepted. 

Insurance Payments

We are able to send bills directly to you medical insurance company, providing you have a valid membership and authorisation.  Insurance companies expect patients to seek prior authorisation before attending a private specialist - they will issue you with an authorisation number which will allow us to bill them directly. Patients who do not seek authorisation from their insurer may be invoiced themselves.  Any outstanding balance not covered by the insurer must be paid for by the patient. 


If you would like to enquire about an invoice, insurance claim or simply want to send us some missing details e.g. insurance authorisation, please use the form below which is emailed directly to our billing staff. 

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