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Cyst removal

This is one of the most common operations perfomed in the practice.  In many areas, cyst removal is no longer available on the NHS, leading patients to choose private healthcare for their cysts to be removed. 


What is involved?

Dr Bashir specialises in removing cysts in the most aesthetic manner, with minimal scarring and incovenience. All patients should come for an initial consultation to meet Dr Bashir and gain an idea of that is involved and any aftercare issues. 

Most patients attend with small or medium sized cysts (up to 1.5 cm) which can readily be removed under local anaesthetic.  This is done by makking a small incision about 5 mm in length and carefully dissecting the cyst through a small hole, with a minimally invasive technique. The wound is then stitched closed (primary closure)

Some patients attend with much larger or deeper cysts, several cm in size, ocassionally the size of two golf balls together.  These can also be readily treated, with the expertise we have.  If the cyst is large, it is often removed by the same method, but instead of stitching the wound closed on the day, it is packed with a dressing and allowed to heal for one or two weeks, before the final stitching of the wound (delayed/secondary closure). 

Primary vs Delayed/Secondary closure

The advantage of stitching the wound closed right away is that there is less aftercare required.  If the wound is packed with dressings and not stitched, you will need to come for regular dressing changes before the wound is actually stitched closed (delayed/secondary closure).

However, the disadvantage of stitching the wound at the time of the operation is that blood, debris and tissue fluid may become trapped under the stitches, leading to swelling, inflammation and possibly infection and leaking of the wound.

Therefore, in cases of larger or deeper cysts, Dr Bashir prefers the delayed closure method, but with simple small, superficial cysts, the primary closure method is suitable. 

Where can I consult for cyst removal?

Dr Bashir will be happy to see you at any of his consulting locations to discuss and plan your cyst removal:


  • The London Clinic, 20 Devonshire Place, London. 
  • BMI Sloane Hospital, 125 Albermarle Road, Beckenham.
  • King's College Hosital, Denmark Hill, London.